Saturday, 27 October 2012

farm opening day again

went to a haloween party yesterday at the farm project and got to have a look at the grand opening of the holiday cabinet they have built there which is awesome and at some point am going to spend a day there which is a big goal of mine because a change of scnery is a major issue of mine.
have been going there for years though to visit lottie and the animals,and newer cat; princess.

it was a chance meeting but it turned out that the owner of the special olympics cheshire east club was there and she was glad to hear am getting involved in cheshire north and west club.

princess didnt want to know where mummy was because someone had fed her her dinner,so didnt get to give her a hug but picked up some chicken food and hay for the chickens and went to mc donalds on the way back for the first ever treat in a long while as am now getting the nappies on prescription/NHS and have some money to spend.

at home,we did the usual routine.
it was pitch black outside and the chickens had put themselves to bed,but we did what we do every night for them since it started getting colder-we make warm porridge for them with water,porridge,sultanas,sometimes dried meal worms if we have any,also soaked some malt loaf bread in water [they cant have dried bread cause it swells in their belly and is very dangerous] then broken up into tiny bits-it looked like lumpy diorreah in a bowl and one of the staff nearly puked when she saw it.

the cochin flock go the most crazy over porridge and had filmed it recently [make sure sound is on]- *click here for video*

ex battery hen-henny [who is seven years old] has a secret love for slugs,meal worms [and porridge!].