Monday, 29 October 2012

presenting-a new anti cyber bullying campaign

no more bull!

had starting making a website for this a long while ago but the webhost had used at the time was really bad and had poor uptime, so have found this other one which has very good uptime,theres just one company advert on it  at the bottom of the page but its fine.

its early work in progress at the moment,but theres enough on it to release it.

it is a campaign to highlight the targeting and cyber bullying of learning and intelectualy disabled adults.
most people only think kids get cyber bullied but it is a regular problem for many vulnerable learning disabled people because we are less able to fight back or realise we are being bullied before we are in to deep.

all the main learning disability charities havent done any campaigns against it and when had looked for one to turn to when was being bullied there wasnt any sites,the only bullying that bullying charities think exists for adults is in the work place!

adult cyber bullies who are deliberately targeting and preying on vulnerable disabled people are showing clear signs of anti social personality disorder [pyschopathy & sociopathy] and it is about time we had learning disability charities looking into this.

we deserve as much right to use the internet as anyone else,people who abuse it by destroying other peoples freedoms shoud be tracked down and sent before the court,hopefuly ASBOd from using the internet to.
like there are courses for people who drink and drive,there shoud be courses for predatory cyber bullies and serious vicious trolls who have been refered by the courts.

*click here for the website*
the site has a contact page,if are learning disabled or parents/carers of learning disabled people, please check out the contact page because have got some questions on there woud like to hear off others so they can be added to the site.

if woud like to see a forum,please say so as well because will add one with enough interest.

if scroll to the bottom of the home page will also see have added a facebook like thing and facebook comment box,to make it modern friendly.