Sunday, 24 February 2013

yet another birthday

that day that brings presents and enough redbull and chocolate till pukeup arrived,birthday.
however,have spent the last year being told by family am twentynine and that am going to be firty this year so its rather confusing to be told today by sis and bro in law am not thirty,am twenty nine-aparently mum hadnt a clue what age am already though she knows sisters.

have had a very good day which makes the week have had bearable.

am very greatful to anyone that recieve cards and/or presents,they mean a lot to self [cards to] and have kept everyone have ever goten unless someone else through them out.

on tuesday,was visited by old friends of mine- two of them the old support staff of mine and one of them a manager had known well from the national autistic society,they had all got em through some very difficult times prior to being moved into fairfield residential.
was bought a awesome egg thing for present and a big pack of mars bars- very useful considering have never got money to buy things like that,though aldis titans are a close alternative!!
they had never seen the chickens of mine as they were told not to visit at the beginning of moving in to allow em to understand and get used to the new place,they were so chuffed by the chickens they got loads of photos of them and uploaded them straight on their facebooks.

then all but one staff got on our huge trampoline-this was at night time in pitch black it was awesome.

came to stay at sisters today for birthday and we picked up a burger king on the way-got a double xl burger with nothing on it; no crap and no cheese, and a large coke,also got a awesome tshirt with a big chicken on it,she also made the best triple chocolate cookies that no money can buy.

off mum and dad got a very realistic chicken plushy/teddy,a t shirt and some jogging pants,some money and mum made a very nice cake we all had some tonight.
might get a starbucks tomorow on the way home.

overall,one year older,no wiser,heres to a next fuckin year.

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