Monday, 25 February 2013

fairfield residential and other birthday stuff

thanks to fairfield residential for the birthday presents got off them today.

got a awesome spongebob squarepants cake-still not had it yet,have had a cold coming on and its gotten really bad since this evening.
got a bottle of lynx deodorant-not been able to afford it for a long time.
got packet of yorkshire tea; which for those outside the uk is an expensive strong type of english tea bag from yorkshire-its proper tea none of that weak shit,got money,all sorts of bits-thanks very much to the exact people who put this together and gave the money for it,am not allowed to say names on here because am dragged into the office and lectured about it-well they havent done that here yet because was left near traumatised by the last time it happened when was in the other service,then again that was only for using the first letters of each name but enough about the past.

also want to say thanks to 'the rain' for ordering em a big pack of ribenas on the house shopping list,its very apreciated although its nothing to do with birthday,its something had found in the cubord when got back from the sisters today.

this is the cockrel chicken plushy/teddy had got from mum/dad-
it looks a lot better for real/not in photo and am going to try and get all of the chicken range,its from a brand called hansa,they do lots of animal toys and plushys and woud recommend looking it up got mine from amazon.

this is the tshirt got off sister-

am more a fan of cockrels because they act like theyre well hard in front of their girls and do a funny neck puffing routine when fighting other males but they are big softies around their human mum,for proof of that,this was tito this week walking around in a makeshift baby wrap;he didnt want to get out as it was warming him up,plus he was getting porridge hand fed to him.

to be fair to him actualy,temple; the hen of mine who lives in the coop with tito and lorna managed to escape out of a gap whilst we were giving both coops their daily porridge plus free ranging the other group of chickens-she only wanted some grass but she had three giant cochin cockrels chasing her around the garden-tito was stuck in his coop and was going fucking mental at them for touching his bird.
the sis says he is 'a good pimp to his girls',people have offered to buy him to, pfftt no chance.

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