Saturday, 16 February 2013


am finaly one step closer to being able to access what most people take for granted.

the autism and epilepsy of mine are so restrictive in being able to just take a stroll outside the building and in our local community,will lose all connections and drop to the floor into severe sensory overload, and if have not gone unconcious at that point-will be in 'head bang and self punch/bite/hit out' mode.
-will often have seizures during it to,and am always paralysed from the waist down once come around which can last for over a day in full [a side effect known as todds paralyisis].

the manager who we used to have was an absolute dick head in some ways, he never understood how it affected life so much by not having a wheelchair.
he said if was given a wheelchair woud only want to use it all the time once have gotten used to it-he was projecting how he woud react onto em,em have many disability aids that use when need them but will not use them when not needed-seriously what sort of person woud choose to use a wheelchair when they dont need it;when they woud be disabling themselves even more given the access issues and physical problems that comes with sitting down in one position for so long?

have wrote about it before but there has been so many times where,thanks to the previous managers and the manager we used to have,after seizures or sensory overload in parks was paralysed on the ground and using hands and wrists had to drag self along the sharp stones on the ground for miles to get back to where the car was,not only is it exhausting,the back of hands and wrists were always shredded and bloody and clothes were soaking from the ground being wet, we were constantly being stopped by passerbys to ask if we had a problem!
it is so offensive and hypocritical that the manager of that home actualy let two residents get wheelchairs because they got a bit tired when they were out in the community for a while.

mum/dad said they may be able to buy it if its at a lower price,but because am not able to hold body up nor hold head up after a seizure or sensory overload will need a crelling or some other X/H type harness and head rest added and theyre pretty expensive addons.
it takes a very long time to get an asessment for a wheelchair voucher on the NHS [and that is assuming meet the criteria] so am going to hopefuly have a cheap one for now and get one fitted for needs via the NHS at some point.

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