Sunday, 6 April 2014

epilepsy protection; going high tech

for those who arent regular readers,am life long tonic clonic and abscence epileptic-severely and sometimes status epilepticus though the TC seizures get worse around warmer months and settle down better during cooler months as the heat is a big stress causer of mine.
the social services/NHS learning [USA=intelectual] disability team had learned that there had been a number of seizures being missed by waking night staff because they were busy sleeping on the job or had their music ear phones in,so in one week they had arranged a visit from the epilepsy team with a special epilepsy sensor mat that goes under the mattress of the bed and detects seizures-there is a digital unit which is plugged in in the lounge so waking night staff can hear an alarm if it detects epilepsy activity,here is a photo of it on the bed-
am greatful to the LD team,one in particular who secretly fancies harold bishop from neighbours, for getting it sorted out so quickly as it is a big worry for self when have come out of seizures and no one is there to help as theyre busy in the lounge snoring or with their ear phones in.
the epilepsy mat and unit costs hundreds of pounds so am greatful for getting it on NHS.

am also been given a epilepsy sensor bracelet which does the same sort of thing as the matt,but theyre out of stock at the moment.

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