Monday, 12 May 2014

a 'new' diagnosis

have finaly come across the assessment that was carried out whilst was sectioned at greenways LD assessment & treatment acute hospital,and discovered something surprising.

as regulars to the blog know,am living in the UK and what we call learning disability is what america calls intelectual disability.

was rediagnosed using the ICD10 from the UK definition of learning disability to mental retardation, and it also said mild mental retardation whereas previously had been told was under severe LD, because people were unable to seperate having severe autism from LD so had always assumed was under the severe LD bracket.
am not bothered in any form but just wish had known because have been using that label on self, have never really questioned what have been told by experts.

heres the assessment info and result forms.....though it was jan the twentyith had finaly ended up getting discharged on,they have also been edited by social services LD team to remove all personal information because this form is actualy being used to join a special olympics club swim team and the SS dont want super personal info on it.
am missing quite a few diagnoses to.
and have personaly edited the names and stuff out that do not want posted on here-
first page of the assessment
the diagnosis.

so,am now able to OFFICIALY call self intelectualy disabled or learning disabled;under the UK definition, am certainly not going to refer to self under the painfuly offensive mentaly retarded though, have got to much self respect for that.

thanks so much to L for bringing this form over today,will be great to finaly start competition swimming.

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