Tuesday, 27 May 2014

epilepsy; its serious business

have gone two days without having a tonic clonic epileptic seizure,it seems the worst might be over.
have been suffering with severe epileptic cluster seizures for two weeks and have been in hospital multiple times,one time had had a trachea tube put down throat,and another bad time;attached to an IV and on every monitor going in resus [the intensive care of emergency medicine] due to suffering from quite severe tachy cardia after the seizures and not having come around due to having so many of them.

the heat seems to be a major trigger for them,and am not sure if they are directly causing them-which mum and dad seem to think because they saw it happen when was a toddler,  or if the heat is causing stress and the stress is causing the seizures.
luckily the weather has changed from heat waves to colder weather,its a common difficulty for people with autism to control their body temperature but that hasnt been looked at as doctors in that area of medicine arent disability specialists.

have been increasingly suffering with the seizures ever since had had epilepsy medication halved to just over one thousand mg whilst was detained in greenways intelectual disability hospital,though doctors didnt have this in their notes,used to be on the maximum possible doseage of tegretol.

have been refered to the neurologist again,but if they request yet another bloody EEG am never having another one as far as live,last time had had one to see whether severe challenging behavior was being caused by the epilepsy [it wasnt] they had to keep using a special knife to cut off the super glued on electrodes then reaplying them several times a day for three days because had had so many challenging behaviors due to being put in a different environment and in a different routine, the neurologist said it was the worst damage he has ever seen to a scalp,still have a patch on head now which hair wont grow through.

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