Saturday, 10 May 2014

helping mencap and social services to educate a hospital on intelectual disability

this coming monday am going along with the UKs national intelectual disability charity; mencap, plus a buddy of mine-whose a fellow service user of the social services intelectual disability team... PLUS the intelectual disability team themselves to help educate a whole hospital on ID.
we both have severe communication impairments;his being much worse so it will be a challenge to get our views across,am going to be getting a new laminator this weekend hopefuly to make new symbols to help us and it will also hopefuly remind them that getting a book of symbols in every ward and making sure all frontline staff know about it shoud be a minimum;there is a book of symbols in accident and emergency but very few of them know of it.

cant wait to do this as have got a lot of history with the hospital;mostly bad though was born there thirty years ago to,when was born;they told mum was going to be a violent child because of the fact am red haired and they also said woud have a very low pain threshold,ahhhh the eighties.

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