Wednesday, 10 November 2010

horse business

had a good day once again with jas.
jas,for once was actually going over jumps and not ploughing through them like she usually does-the sun was shining for once,didnt get to ride due to the sensory nightmare last week [rain].
she had been such a good madam that we got her a bucket of her favourite horse nuts,was running with the bucket back to her stable in front and poor nat was being dragged along in the dash for food.

have uploaded the jumping video to youtube:

have been told have been given an award for riding due to how much better have gotten,and theyre presenting them at christmas,its pretty awesome stuff,had even been recommended for the paras and specials [paralympics and special olympics] in horse riding if sensory side ever improves.

going to visit the usual pro show jumpers yard again hopefully next week with the owner of the residential organisation am under,as shes friends with them-we did a trade sort of thing,if woud go back on the ensures and drink at least one in the morning and one at night- for a week or so,woud be taken to the yard,and also have a riding lesson with her to look forward to hopefully and a trip to a racing yard to.

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