Saturday, 13 November 2010

theres a rat in the house

unfortunately,have not gotten any pet rats [not for the past few years any way].
no,this is a RAT of a different kind,its sneaky,quick and easy going [much like the real ones] but this RAT is on the computer,and provides some great entertainment if happen to have computer challenged relatives or others.

RAT stands for remote administration tool,its a piece of software that once installed on a computer,can by controlled and used exactly as it shows on their screen-from anywhere in the world,and if theres anyone using it the person remote administrating can see what theyre doing.
so,today had installed 'logmein' on dads computer,moving the mouse thingy around and so on.
showed mum how it worked,and she said its a good thing to have as he supposedly spends so long on there he must be looking up pictures of naked women,no-he just listens to tipperary fm and downloads lots of crappy 'bogger' music off amazon.
-a full size screenshot of it here in action [click on it to see full view, he knows am posting it here-just showed him-he wanted everything identifyable to his computer removed-due to being paranoid from having had his bank account wiped out from online buying before]:

its pretty awesome software,not in a hacker sense which is what many people use RATs for,but for connecting to own computer when somewhere else and transfering files easily enough or playing music from the hard drive of the host computer.
wish had known about it when had had a PC RAID set up [multiple hard drives,so coud have transfered a lot of non replaceable photos had stored PCs in the shed allowing them to go damn and ruin].

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