Saturday, 13 November 2010

going into hospital and coming out worse than went in?

on friday it was the usual epilepsy review at hope hospital,a big neurology specialist hospital in a shithole called salford.

we were supposed to have been there on time,but had not been told about the lack of disabled parking,with most spaces available being taken up by non blue badged cars.

we were driving around for ages looking for a space,and found one eventually near by.
the hospital had told staff all week a sound proofed room was sorted for the appointment,and to phone them when we were going to set off so the waiting areas in neuro department coud be kept as quiet and empty as possible.
in reality,the noise hit as soon as we got out,lots of building work going on on their new buildings.
going in the door is hard enough as they have fans on which sound like wind tunnels.
though was being comfortingly restrained on each side by manager and a staff-who both make self feel safe and secure,was still hitting out though hopefully had aimed it at self.

when we got into the main general reception bit,it was rammed with people,have been a user of that hospital since a toddler and can never remember having heard it like that before-it was extremely noisy and overloading,one of the staff who went to sign in and to beg for a quiet room whilst we were in reception was told there werent any rooms avilable and it was required now that everyone has to sign in that area first before signing into the unit are having an appointment in-was later told the cue here was huge,adding more time on the waiting,they eventually told staff it was to late-that the neurologist had gone home,but it hadnt of mattered anyway as had end up kicking off but quickly shut down sue to being so severely overloaded.

apparently,a older lady staff of the hospital who was very nice had tried to help in every way possible,she grabbed a wheelchair [due to being unconcious and likely to have todds paralysis afterwards],and was put into it by staff,and brought to a quiet room in the nearby cancer unit.

when had recovered and woken up,it was clear was not going to be able to walk,so it was decided to go home,and was wheeled out by own staff.

its a long while since have had such a bad experience of hospital, some of them are great people and go above their job to help whilst others coudnt care,they woudnt allow us to go through short cuts to bypass the overloading areas and corridors like other hospitals do.
am already hateful of hospitals,and this is just going to make it so much worse,trafford general,the walton neuro institute and the nightingale building at wythenshawe hospital shoud get awards for how they accomodate autism needs,but there are only specific staff of hope hospital woud personally give them to.

anyways,enough whinging,off to give this bugger:her anti pyschotic medication [some rubs and head scratches].

theres a rat in the house

unfortunately,have not gotten any pet rats [not for the past few years any way].
no,this is a RAT of a different kind,its sneaky,quick and easy going [much like the real ones] but this RAT is on the computer,and provides some great entertainment if happen to have computer challenged relatives or others.

RAT stands for remote administration tool,its a piece of software that once installed on a computer,can by controlled and used exactly as it shows on their screen-from anywhere in the world,and if theres anyone using it the person remote administrating can see what theyre doing.
so,today had installed 'logmein' on dads computer,moving the mouse thingy around and so on.
showed mum how it worked,and she said its a good thing to have as he supposedly spends so long on there he must be looking up pictures of naked women,no-he just listens to tipperary fm and downloads lots of crappy 'bogger' music off amazon.
-a full size screenshot of it here in action [click on it to see full view, he knows am posting it here-just showed him-he wanted everything identifyable to his computer removed-due to being paranoid from having had his bank account wiped out from online buying before]:

its pretty awesome software,not in a hacker sense which is what many people use RATs for,but for connecting to own computer when somewhere else and transfering files easily enough or playing music from the hard drive of the host computer.
wish had known about it when had had a PC RAID set up [multiple hard drives,so coud have transfered a lot of non replaceable photos had stored PCs in the shed allowing them to go damn and ruin].

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

horse business

had a good day once again with jas.
jas,for once was actually going over jumps and not ploughing through them like she usually does-the sun was shining for once,didnt get to ride due to the sensory nightmare last week [rain].
she had been such a good madam that we got her a bucket of her favourite horse nuts,was running with the bucket back to her stable in front and poor nat was being dragged along in the dash for food.

have uploaded the jumping video to youtube:

have been told have been given an award for riding due to how much better have gotten,and theyre presenting them at christmas,its pretty awesome stuff,had even been recommended for the paras and specials [paralympics and special olympics] in horse riding if sensory side ever improves.

going to visit the usual pro show jumpers yard again hopefully next week with the owner of the residential organisation am under,as shes friends with them-we did a trade sort of thing,if woud go back on the ensures and drink at least one in the morning and one at night- for a week or so,woud be taken to the yard,and also have a riding lesson with her to look forward to hopefully and a trip to a racing yard to.

the adventures of lottie

its not often that get to visit lottie at the farm,thanks to the current fund cutting scumbaggery of the council which am having to go through at the moment,but today had been able to go visit the madam and she must have thought it was christmas when she saw some boxes of her favourite kitteh food-whiskers being taken out,she doesnt usually put all the effort in coming over to greet us:
here she is lining up for a big jump,as she is a food lover and cant wait for the door to be fully open.

this is often the end we usually see anyway,when she shoves it in our faces:

a post dinner/pre barf hug for lottie,dont get many pictures of her with self at all [apart from one],and she doesnt like doing front hugs like this usualy,shes more of a bear hug cat,like self.
we filled her water dish up,and left her to rest her overworked belly, have found out she has another boyfriend on the go now,and dont even know his name-hes one of the semi ferrals,looks like her other boyfriend kai.
he comes in and steals her food from under her nose and she lets him.
all in a days work for lottie.