Sunday, 24 April 2011

the autistic kit

its a long time since have posted the 'autistic kit',and it has changed alot since then.

the majority of the kit is the mobile stuff that take out in the rucksack when going out but other bits are needed stuff that will use all day.
missing a few bits,like the laptop,and helmet which is already on here one post down so not needed,and the camera,which is kept in rucksack at all times.

anyway,here it is:

the rucksack,from the buddies section of shires [a equestrian brand].
awesome rucksack.

the PECS book that use to communicate with and for holding PECS in general for things such as the time line.
its getting old and knackered,need a new one-no doubt pyramid have changed the design again.

the time line,it used to be a large flat laminated timeline,but now its a halved over one so it can be brought out easily,stuck on the PECS book and hold PECS that need taking off at that moment.

the pullups [-adult diaper to america],have used many,many brands and forms and think these are the best besides tena slips,except these are pullups.
these are made by abena and the strongest absorbancy will find outside of taped pullups/ nappys/diapers,they arent available in shops.
pullups are prefered in own case as require help with taped ones,but prefer independance of doing it by self.

these are peltor optime III ear defenders,these are the usual ones of course except this pair uses a neckband instead of head band,they fit over the padded helmet and can be used with the bulky riding skull during a riding lesson...sort of.
peltor optime IIIs are the best ear defenders have ever used and have used many.

these are laser lite foam earplugs,best earplugs have ever used-the only ones have ever tolerated,always get a shitload of them off ebay each time they are needed.

babywipes,due to the fact am not able to bathe/shower due to having very severe sensory issues,use these ones at mums [am at mums now,hence their photo],used to use boots ones but they kept changing the packet,which is a big issue for self.
am getting a bit better with sensory issues thanks to where am living now,as they have really helped with slowly building a tolerance,at least-am able to wash hands somewhat without feeling so much pain.

these are the only footwear that will wear,they are mountain horse safety/yard boots.
the reason had come to like this pair is because there is a iron plate in the entire sole of the boot as well as a steel toe cap-am not able to feel body but these boots give some sense of feel and allow self to know where feet are at least.
these are designed for use on the equestrian yard as well as for riding.

medic ID bracelet,used to run away often in previous places have lived in,but have only done it once in the entire time have been there.
even so,the medic ID bracelet woud have accutely helped with that one time as was treated as a druggie and rugby tackled into restraint until staff got information through to the police.
these things are priceless,woud still wear it on wrist out of the feeling that never know when something like that woud be needed,but can only wear things so tight to the point it stops blood coming through-that being the reason its attached to rucksack.

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