Sunday, 24 April 2011

new helmet........again

we had a bit of a mishap with the other helmet that had gotten free off the NHS,because it started to stink of head sweat after a while-as anything woud if its worn constantly most of the day and night,it didnt stand up to a wash well-it shrunk.
it was to small to wear,and it was to small when they sent it anyway-a size medium.
considering the size of the riding helmet am using,which is one of the largest sizes available,
a size medium is fucking tiny when compared.

so the other day had gotten a new one,similar-as in rugby helmet as ones especially designed for head banging/hitting etc are not easily recognised here,like they are in america.
-paid for this one as well,as obviously cant go asking NHS for another one so soon.

it is in favourite colour combo,have had many pairs of trainers in this combo and a lot of people have also said how they go for this sort of combo-red and white.
its also a size large this time,fits perfectly,its a kooga [not that anyone will know what brand that is unless they are into rugby].
so here it is,in bad quality because its night time and its a shitty laptop camera.

[edited-have just added better photo]

there are more vents in the top of this one than the puma one,or previous helmets have used,
so its very helpful in the hotter weather,woud certainly recommend this one to other head bangers and hitters [or to parents of us] as it does come in kids sizes to.

cant stand chelsea FC,but Peter Čech-chelseas goal keeper [who can be found here]:
- who suffered a serious head injury on the pitch shoud be used as anyones inspiration as to whether they or their child shoud use a helmet where there is regular risk to their skull/brain,peter doesnt give a shit about what he looks like on the football pitch with a helmet designed for rugby,the same shoud go for autists and family who make decisions-its not up to society how we protect ourselves; unless they want to take all our issues for us,brain injury is far more important at avoiding than silly comments from what are the real 'retards' of our planet.
oh yeah and peter rules.

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