Saturday, 30 April 2011

fox attack

the title is no messing around unfortunately.
early in the morning last friday a fox got in our eglu and run:
despite it being fox proof in every other way,the fox had managed to lift a long,vertical heavy pin out of the secure door hatch [god knows how they managed it] .
he/she got in and butchered ethel and penny,he buried ethel leaving her feat sticking out the soil and apparently just left penny lying there then staff had come out and chased it off,and she/he was caught coming back later,it likely had cubs because of burying and coming back for her.

these are our girls here [loads of photos of them in their old hut,which despite not being fox proof never got attacked by a fox]:

we have one chuck left-henny [old video screenshot of her]:
henny has been left traumatised by the attack,and has been pacing up and down freaking out at the outside of the cage,she also follows staff around like a dog as she used to follow penny around but now has no one.
she is also having to be locked in at night now.

luckily,we are taking down a few more house mates from the farm for henny so hope they will get on.

just cant believe it happened to them,they are all ex battery hens and deserved the best life possible,not this.
it feels like foxes are pyschopaths but they are trying to feed themselves,wish someone genetically engineered them into being able to go and shop for themselves in tescos so small animals didnt get maimed like this.

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