Saturday, 18 June 2011

autism Vs the weather

those who am known well by [whether only online or also offline] will know am extremely sensory fucked up,one issue being with the feeling of liquid running on skin-like the feeling from a shower,god knows why do not have any sense of pain and can cause any level of pain such as ripping deep flesh open or knocking self out by head butting the wall, yet a bit of rain and will look like an escaped inmate from broadbmoor/ rampton.

every week,it usually pisses it down when it gets to horse riding day,thats the nature of being an outdoor only riding school though,but will never change,we are getting an indoor arena.
this week however,was in luck,it actually didnt piss it down and it had been thunder storms in our area that day,whilst was riding jas,staff got some photos,unfortunately the staff in question is technology retarded [oops,sorry the word shoud be 'challenged',we cant use retarded,nah he is really] and he didnt realise the clearly obvious zoom button existed so most of em wont close up but have got a few worth posting anyway.

had just got on jas,here-feel very honoured to be let on her back as she has a big work load most days.
wearing the southpaw sensory pressure vest there, it helps to calm.

have a habit with riding with reins in one hand and sometimes none at all,tend to control jas using arse muscles [known as seat aids],she woud be so awesome at parelli/NH riding.

cantered on jasmine in this photo [canter= one step below gallop] and it seriously started to piss it down,so quickly jumped off after giving jas a hug and ran back to our minibus.
jas is awesome,woud take her home if coud.

going to see about fundraising for the school cause they still need funds for the indoor.

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