Thursday, 2 June 2011

its a miracle-have washed the car

this evening the weather was boiling and was allowed to go wash the car,it has only been cleaned once since have had it,and it was in a right state.

anyway,we cleaned it tonight with proper car wax shampoo and a hose,but didnt wash it off in time cause it looks as dirty as ever now.
had to go back over it but it looks better,had cleaned the inside as well-the floors were a state,luckily because its a customised van [a citroen nemo multispace] the floors were rubber based not carpet so a lot easier to clean.

we got some photos of it to.

look at it shining.

yeah its not amazing,looks a lot better close up than in photo.

this is where staffs/other people sit,and it was very dirty with chocolate bar crumbs and dog shit from their shoes most likely.

dont do posing,so being asked to pose will trigger the most sensible sign,coud have said a lot worse in BSL actualy.

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