Thursday, 2 June 2011

made an old discovery

at the weekend,had been looking through a cuboard where have got lots and lots of old computer,computer game and horse magazines.
felt completely awesome though to find that an old robinsons catelogue had survived the onslaught of cutting pictures out which is what had always done with horse mags.

most of them are horse and pony [some going back to when was in infants school-ie,when milton was still competing in the olympics].

heres a photo of it:
they used to send robinsons catelogues out with horse and pony now and again throughout the year hence how had got them,mum and dad were to cheapskate to go there of course.

fucking love that place,best shop ever when it isnt a school holiday or sale.^both from last visit,not been in a while and need to get another riding skull.

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