Thursday, 13 October 2011

back on the road finaly

was at the farm today,which marks the start to an end to feeling shit at being stuck in the house.
well yesterday actualy was the first day but whatever.
had never posted it here but a while ago,for one reason or another was put on a high risk assessment in the minibus which meant had to change seats with another resident to be able to go out,as our cheapass council does not fund individual support for people in residential care to get outside-regardless of whether are able to go with the group or not.

the change was not going to happen,not because was being fussy or wanting own way,but had always-and still do sit in the same seat in every transport used including own car,its a solid lifelong routine and it wasnt like change is for someone without autism,it is profoundly painful,plus not to mention now a new placement with same people is being looked into,so what good woud be going through all that only to move?

just saying...if had been willing to go through the long term pain of slowly swapping to the opposite side [still in the back row in the minibus] ,woud have to do exactly the same thing with every single transport in use-thats a lot of cars,and a very long time worth of going crazy and pain.
but not only that,am risk assessed against sitting behind drivers anyway so woud not be allowed to swap seats in any transport apart from the mini bus so officialy it cant happen.

instead,they have just moved the other resident to a different seat instead as they dont have issues with changing seats,wish that had happened in the first place but its over and done with.

so yesterday was the first day back out as a group,and it was to horse riding.
was not able to ride as need to get back into a routine again,but it was great seeing jasmine,was instantly recognised by her and given a hug and a hand lick-something she usualy doesnt do-usualy she bites and nudges with her head.

had a starbucks on the way back which was very nice as never get to have them anymore due to money.

and today,as part of the group again,we went to our farm,of course thanks to having money from not doing riding had been allowed to get another starbucks.

everyone else had gone to make bake some weird fruit cake thing in the school room whilst self and horse phobic SALT went off to stroke horses and kittehs.
she got loads of awesome photos,including several of her fingernails close up which revealed were quite clean so any nose picking must have been wiped away earlier.
heres the photos.

 -a tiny dab of caramel/cream on the nose starts her lip curling.

 -the shyest pony getting her usual kiss and hugs.

 -dublin,a super chilled out ex show jumper.

 lotties tongue and lips locking onto the cream target [came off the starbucks].

 -wanting more of the stuff when was using it to get her to pose.

 lotties famous elvis impression.

 -she is so addicted to cream she cant wait for it to land and tried to drag hand to her quicker.

-lottie facing desperate times- begging like a dog for her fix.