Sunday, 30 October 2011

huge PECS pack for use or editing

was given these so long ago had forgotten about them.

am not really suited to black and white PECS especialy ones with thicker lines as find it very difficult to make any sense of what looking at,but there are some coloured ones in the pack,they arent very useful to self also because of the thick lines but they might be useful to someone else.

they can be used for communicating with,for schedules or timelines etc-but may want to use a graphics program like GIMP from to properly edit them to own size requirements and text [as theres no text with them so are free to put own if want it].

the link to download it is here:

had put them all in a .zip file as there are many folders and pictures-but do not know of any free file hoster that uploads folders,woud be here all day doing one picture after another,the zipping has slightly compressed it to,am not usualy a user of zipping so didnt know the best settings but yeah...the file is there for anyone who wants it,please dont claim those as own though if are going to be distributing them even if edited.

for the malware paranoid,have scanned it with 'no virus thanks' and did not tick the 'do not distribute sample' ,report available here:
*click here*

if are still paranoid after that then have a look in the zip in sandboxie first.