Friday, 14 October 2011

someone else is back on the road

this little madam:
is very very naughty,she will get away with it though because she looks to damn cute.
not only is she being fed at the farm by staff,by self and by other service users as others are fond of her to and like to feed her,but...she is sneaking into the farms cottage to steal the [dog] food from under the resident jack russels noses,and that isnt enough,oh no.

she is disappearing for a few days before coming back to the farm,lounging around and stuffing herself before disappearing again for a few days and so on.
we found out she had started to invite herself into a neighbours cottage just down the road for food,and they thought she was a stray so have continued to make her even more of a pampered pussy.
it has gotten her stuck in a routine with disappearing which is the bad thing,its probably because it appeals to her home comforts side,whilst her farming side is dealt with at the farm.
only just found out all this today.
dont know if she is going to have to be kept in for few weeks again to make the farm her territory like we did when she first moved in,will have to see what others say is best.
need to get her some spot on worming stuff,make sure it isnt worms that keep her looking skinny whilst stuffing herself silly but there is a person am very familiar with who can do exactly the same,she stuffs herself with mcdonalds,kfcs and all of that shit and she is very skinny,asked her once if she had worms as that is what woud happen and she didnt like it,so yeah she didnt have worms,she just orders a diet coke with her mc meals ha ha ha ha,sorry if are reading this.