Thursday, 7 March 2013

had a article published on international special olympics site

had a article sort of thing published on the special olympics;international site,woud have put a lot more in but unfortunately it isnt long before the character limit comes up and stuff needs to be edited out.
they have changed the way that talk and also have made it into a big wall of text,then again had got the same treatment when writing residential home reviews on, woudnt be surprised if they edited chunks out of it to like to,are these guys for accomodating learning disabled people or what? can understand if they offered an alternative translation but not changing someones way of communicating.

for some reason the site doesnt work on firefoxes beta browser; aurora, so if it isnt showing up,here is a screenshot have taken of it using a well outdated version of the linux browser chromium [click on link for full size jpg screenshot]-

this is a link directly to the post of mine-
if the browser wont show it,it shoud do with chrome or chromium.

although the special olympics is only adapted for of us on the intelectual disability spectrum,anyone who relates to the issues we face or those who work with ld in some way are common writers to the site.

wish we were allowed to comment on othe peopls stories,woud like to comment on the user who refers to us as mentaly challenged, its as sick inducing as calling us retarded which is what that campaign is about.

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