Wednesday, 30 January 2013


wensday is family visit day,and mum and the sis visited with orla and keeva.
had been offered the other day via email if wanted to stay over at sisters house and today was asked again.

quickly took up that offer as am really mentaly worn down from the bullying and the way people denie it happening because they havent got a fucking clue what its like to be targeted by a person & deliberately severely sensory overloaded every time they step out of their doorway because the person likes the reactions,that being in severe oveload gets.

its an insult that am told if do not want to feel bad shoud stay away from anywhere he goes-he goes in every room and hangs around the corridor to mine;theres no way to escape him,he also has responsibility for his actions, people can throw that shit out about him lacking almost all mental capacity as much as they want-but the fact is he can write better than most adults, he speaks fluent arabic and speaks english; no one who lacks mental capacity to the level some people say he has is able to be as independant,high functioning and multi language speaking as he is.

it is not right at all that he bullies em and he bullies the profoundly autistic lad and lady,their parents havent got a clue how much abuse they get off him.

sister said she is going to be speaking to staff about how its been handled but for now am enjoying today and possibly tomorow/thursday at sisters.
heres a photo of a chairmate of mine right now-
ruby,otherwise known as rubelcubes or stinkybum to her friends; as she has leaky anal glands.
we are relaxing on the sofa using the superfast internet that sis/bro in law got installed today.

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