Sunday, 25 August 2013

hospital; the aftermath

am still getting constant spasms and regularv epileptic seizures from the whole fucked unauthorised complete codeine withdrawal,thankfuly after being back on codeine since wensday the diorreah has finaly stopped but am still feeling sick a lot, am very very weak and have to have support with picking simple things up,like a nearly empty bag of chicken feed which is very light because the weight is spread out.
arms and hands are especialy weak because in the past few weeks have had a ton of needles and canulas shoved in them-a ton of them also were failed attempts because they were trying to jam the needles into muscle instead of the vein,ems veins suck.

am feeling very very let down by the medical industry,apart from a nurse in wythenshawe hospital who prescribed oramorph when she realised was really suffering,the doctor in trafford general accident and emergencythe last consultant we saw who were able to look at it from all areas which is what a best interest decision is supposed to be about,and..NHS direct with the doctor who prescribed the anti emetic.
being honest,am feeling a huge amount of hate for the medical world,and those am known by know it takes a fucklot for em to hold grudges.

this is saturday night and unlike every other weekend am now sat at home [residential,not parents] because of the consequences of this guys fuck up and have been told by the social services safe guarding team am never going to be allowed to stay at parents house again.
it puts a lot of blame on them when have personaly only ever saw this as ems fault no one elses.

am on lorazepam at the moment to cope with being here this weekend, and have just taken the anti emetic +classic/typical anti pyschotic drug; prochlorperazine maleate [buccal version,which means dont have to swallow it and risk puking it up] so it will help with the sickness and head crap am feeling right now in terms of being here during a different decade long routine.

 all of this has caused the mental health side of em to break up again,the voice has been encouraging homicidal and suicidal acts which had been in the middle of following through but was lucky that did not have the mental or physical strength to carry them out.

am definitely going to be looking into legal action but have been told it may possibly be difficult getting this taken seriously because am classed under the learning disability [aka intelectual disability,aka limited mental capacity] spectrum and require best interest decisions.
am also going to be giving own opinion on everything that happened in the hospital from an autism and LD view to the PALS team, and also hope to offer them training on how to best accomodate us in hospitals.

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