Monday, 26 August 2013

the last chicks are ready to fly the nest

am pretty damn forgetful as anyone am known by will know,so if this sounds like de ja vous please ignore it. ;)
for the past several months have been incubating and hand rearing chicks for the mum of a fellow resident here,the chicks have a superb lineage; their daddy being a purebred light sussex with gentlemanly manners [tito] and one of the japanese cochin hens for a mother [harriet,booch and jimjims],unfortunately in june tito and two other cockerels of mine [rex and jigsaw; both japanese cochins] plus booch the cochin hen were kidnapped and the survival of their personalities and lineage have been a desperation for self.

the girls and boys of the chicube etiquete school for beautiful chicks have graduated and are now waiting for new mummy to pick them up,they shoud have gone yesterday to join the other four chick bretheren and sisteren of theirs whom em had also incubated,but hoping they will come tomorow so am able to start getting used to being without them again,they shoud have actualy gone days ago but because of all the hospital business it coudnt happen.

last night had been a terrible night, this morning when had still not slept but was lying down in bed had turned around,only to see a line of chicks perched on their brooder,chickens are as blind as a bat in the dark so they probably were unable to find their way off their perch and decided to sleep there. :P

and for the past several days,as an experiment have been taking them outside and letting them get used to the outdoors,so its not a big shock to them when they go to their new mummy,they refused to stray far and were very good chicks,but they started 'chest bumping',so now am worried that theres a lot more cockerels in the group than originaly thought-

one of the cockerels,a real gentleman just like his daddy; tito, his mum is jim jims.

am hoping to breed ducks at some point,if anyone wants chucks breeding for them so they dont have to do any hand rearing work; give a contact,but no;am not able to hand pick hens only which some people think is possible.

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