Sunday, 13 April 2014

a lifelong goal reached; swimming

on friday,the self, two support staff and mum went along to ivy bank swimming pool, a private swimming pool that can be rented out.
it has been life long wish to swim and go to waterparks but the very severe sensory issues that suffer from also affect ability to have water on skin.

had wore the wet suit and took body board along,and despite never having swum before had soon got the hang of it as its a matter of keeping calm to avoid sinking.
mum was severely phobic of water and had never swum before either beyond trying to take self and sister to a pool when was a toddler,so everyone encouraged her to go in and she really enjoyed it to.

played water volley ball with the staff for a while whilst mum huffed on her e-cig and just lay there drifting which was very calming and helped self to relax.

it was a awesome experience and am going swimming again on monday-with staff and mum,heres some photos.

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