Saturday, 12 April 2014

getting two pet rabbits!

won a £120 grant from creative support which has paid towards a beautiful double rabbit hutch; it was ninety nine pounds at pets at home.
we got it during the week-flatpacked of course like everything now days and its only just been completed tonight/friday night.
have been buying little bits every day for weeks from pets at home for the rabbits.
am going to visit a sanctuary on saturday morning to start the rabbit aquiring process off, theyve got to make sure am not a rabbit neglecting pyschopath first and then they can come and do a house visit to make sure its not some cow shit slum.

am a big fan of bigger rabbit breeds and hope to get a medium sized rabbit at least,had a semi lop ear many years ago,had asked staff if was allowed one of those that are the size of dogs but am not allowed unfortunately,theres a gorgeous chilled out white mammoth sized rabbit that freely wanders around manchester pets and aquatics in longsight,manchester.

heres a photo of the rabbit cage,after staff finished it-

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