Saturday, 19 April 2014

new motability vehicle;part two with photos

several days ago the allied motability adaptions guy called around with a working/show room model of the new van am getting,its a peugeot horizon,and have got to pay over one thousand pound advanced payment on it then they just take the DLA high rate mobility,luckily its a five year contract instead of the usual three as its a adapted model,for those who dont know what motability is have a look here-

its got a ramp and wheelchair hoist so no staff have to push,two back seats-have to pay three hundred for one of them to be added as we are often going out with mum and dad and behind the back seats self will be sat in the wheel chair which has front and back locks on it and a seat belt,we went for a drive in it and its the most smoothest drive have ever had,the guy had said it has car suspension instead of van suspension,the last car of mine is acutely bumpy on the road as he said the nemo MS has van suspension.
have ordered it in a nice metalic blue colour.

the power of attorney has got to sign all the forms and it shoud be applied for on tuesday hopefuly.
the guy is also asking motability for an extension on the contract of current car whilst waiting for the new one.

heres photos-

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