Monday, 9 June 2014

bee aware of the hot weather-a bee allergy rears its ugly face

yesterday,was at the petting zoo at walton house and gardens,in warrington [can totaly vouch for that place by the way for those who love animals],its free to get in and it was hot weather so we always have a plan in place for that.

was being pushed around in the wheelchair by one of the staff who was overcome with mentalness because a male peacock kept spreading its arse feathers out at her and as a result was rolled into the fence a few times as she let go-thwack!
unknown to self it had quite rightly pissed off the bees who had been nesting in the fence [that was also unknown to self until we came across a sign and the staff read it out],and unknown to self again- had had no idea the little shits had unleashed its fury on an arm of mine.
can just remember this unbearable pain spreading throughout arm and it swelled up massively. had never saw the bee at all so he was pretty ninja at his job-but the jokes on him anyway as everyone knows what happens to bees after they lose their sting.

it turned out there wasnt just one bee there were two of them involved,so was stung in two places on arm very close to each other however managed to get most of the sting out from one of them.
we went to an NHS 'walk in centre' at the hospital and was advised to take an extra anti histamine as soon as we got home but had just nicked one of dads instead because we did a detour his way first to drop off a present for the nieces of mine [a swing from asda].

the pain was unbearable from the sting site and it was giving off some serious heat.
anyway,today woke up and it was seriously inflamed, they phoned NHS direct as being in protective care they arent allowed to use any over the counter medications on it,NHS direct said its just a normal reaction to the sting and to draw around it to monitor how bad it gets,so staff goes and gets a permenent pen marker of all things.

had also been feeling sickly today on and off-and had a really painful neck/under the jaw.
we ended up back at the NHS walk in centre this evening and it turned out the 'natural reaction' is a severe infection,the neck pain is the infection having spread to glands and have been prescribed high doseage anti biotics for at least a week.
picture included [the red and green marker doesnt show up as bright on the photo];

its an absolute fucking good job am not badly allergic to bees,am not even the type to go mental when they land on self so how the hell all of those running children hyperactive on ice cream and their poor parents following them closely behind got away without getting stung will never know.

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