Sunday, 29 June 2014

the autism show

today,am very greatful to a certain bolton lady from creative support.
despite having it saved on the browser toolbar in plain obvious writing,had forgotten all about the manchester autism show; coming up and this morning we got a call from that bolton madam to say she was at the show and had got us staff passes for it-awesome.

stopped off at starbucks first to grab the usual frappachino [whoever made it sucks at making them] and then went to the show.
we got the passes,and went in,it was amazing,went to artismUKs stand first and they had an artist painting in real time whilst a lot of artworks of autistic people were up on the wall-was very surprised that not one person had painted a cat,although a lady had done some awesome sketches of her rabbits,come on, whats going on? no cats in an autistic gallery? thats just wrong.

got loads of catelogues off all the stands that was very interested in,and am going to apply for funding for some things that will really help life,such as a safe space.

a very nice lady from liverpool was there with her daughter and she saw that was wearing a heavy weighted lap blanket [was sat in the wheelchair],she wants one for her daughter and has just gotten funding to buy one but doesnt know if itll benefit her-let her try it out and tried to express what it felt like when using them as they have no access to try them out but was unable to apart from signing and one word 'relax',pity she isnt reading the blog as woud love to tell her of how much benefit they have been to life and other people all over the spectrum.

no sports groups were there which am surprised about; given how so many autistics struggle with exercising or eating obsession,woud have been good to see different sports getting represented there to show autistics whats available and to show parents we arent incapable of how adaptable sports can be,school taught a lot of autistic adults to hate sports because they werent competitive or great at it,its about time the attitude towards autistics in sports was changed.

the best stand there,in own view was the autistic rights movement,although they didnt have any easy read/symbols backed up papers to read,was glad to find out we finaly have an ASAN type group that is sticking up for our rights and had immediately registered to be a member there.
support staff read out their beliefs and goals,and straight away had related to what they were saying,cant wait to be an active member and itd be good to know what we coud do in the community to help.

there were various speakers there doing talks,but the one had wanted to see;prof simon baron cohen was on yesterday,and the autism show website said his speech was based on males with autism; jesus will people stop pushing this outdated stereotype and remember we [female] exist to?

finaly,came across a old staff [outreach manager] of mine there from the national autistic society,felt awesome to catch up with her and she is bringing the old crew with her to visit and see the rabbits.

then we left,got back,cleaned the rabbits out-and was to knackered and overloaded to go back to the show to catch john 'my sons not rainman' williams speech.

cant wait for next years autism show!

here are some pictures;
 autism rights movement badge

 freebies; national autistic society bracelet, creative supports autism awareness bracelet and two bracelets from prestons space centre sensory/soft play facility for disabled adults [been meaning to go there for years and now theyre owned by the company am supported by].

 staff pass.

a see through tube that has glitter in it and changes colour a bit like fibre optics when tipped up or down,love this-one of the best things have ever bought,the lady who owns the company ended up taking a photo of self playing with it for the stores website,cant remember the stores name yet though, will need to sift through the catelogues.

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