Sunday, 15 June 2014

getting thanks off the NHS for activist work

had been given a letter yesterday from the head of nursing at the hospital that started the UKs NHS; trafford general hospital-otherwise known as park hospital back then [was born there in ninteen eighty four and have a shitload of history with that place. :P ].

the letter was in easy read format,which meant for the first time was able to follow a NHS letter, am not able to read from paper because cannot read on a white background,theres to much writing which causes a processing overload and the font sizes are small so family/staff have always read letters.

the letter thanks for the recent activism work had done at trafford general hospital,when had teamed up with trafford social services ID team [along with two other service users] and mencap;the national intelectual disability charity of the UK to train up the hospital on intelectual disability.

its great to be actualy thanked for doing something even though am not in activism to be thanked,its nice to know its been recognised.
here is the letter,

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