Wednesday, 4 June 2014

ridiculous ignorance and discrimination from a swimming pool staff

went swimming yesterday at the manchester aquatic centre with the two support staff of mine,its standard for both carers to be allowed in for free as they are there to support.
however,this lady at the desk started arguing with staff asking why am in need of two support staff; as aparently disabled people only ever have one carer-thats news to loads of us then who are on two to one support.

staff sorted it out with them in the end and both got in free,but its a small sign of a bigger problem, most places do not allow two support staff in for free as they think every disabled person only ever has one staff- knowsley safari park,blue planet aqairium, and lego land at the trafford centre to use some examples are guilty of this and am expected to pay for the other carer which isnt possible at their prices.

when will the general public understand that not all disability is equal,many of us have higher support ,behavioral and physical needs that require two support staff.

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