Monday, 30 May 2011


have been messing with the command line all day as it seems to respond here unlike at home,so dont know where its a port issue or something.

have now finaly installed firefox-though didnt realise was getting the most uptodate version with the new theme,cant stand it-everythings changed around,urgh-had been getting used to it on dads slolwly already but its very different,what the hell were they thinking?

have also installed a few other programs.
have installed a ton of games [all free as well as open source,not pirated ones,not into that];

xmoto [like a modern version of kikstart].
bouncy the hungry rabbit [a platform game].
-super tux kart [its tux in a go kart].
-super tux [a copy of super mario except tux is used instead].
dope wars [a drug dealer simulator].
xbill [taking the piss out of bill gates and windows].
kturtle [its the modern version of pendown,if anyone remembers it from the bbc or acorn computer,its a programming game].

installed software as well,so far have added today:
clam AV
cheese [its actualy a good webcam program].

had installed several programs which are for eye tracking as well,they are designed for people who have limited mobility or other problems-had wanted to check them out to see if they woud be suitable for others am living with who struggle with using a computer the normal way,but the bloody things woudnt work with eye tracking.

and lastly,am installing thc hydra from source code,have had a lot of trouble with dependencies ,missing commands and network problems in the week at home so that has been holding it back.

aircrack is installed at least.

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