Thursday, 29 March 2012

autistic club

went along to a new club for children/teens/adults diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorders and parents/carers etc of us lot today,it was awesome.

its a communication club run by the autism organisation am living under [fairfield residential] and speech therapist of mine,they will be doing an art session as part of it for those that want it.

they had various sensory toys in the corner which was tranced by for the whole time was there,there was drinks and chocolate on offer- the staff em was with was practicaly shoving the chocolate in her pockets.

the building we were in was brand new though it was next to the special college that used to go to which brought back a lot of bad memories as the site its based on [a special school for the behavioraly challenged, we shall say] was home to hellish daily bullying by the kids.

because this is a brand new club,there was only self there,a teen ex resident from ours,some of the kids from ours,and a guy who is new to the organisation,there needs to be more advertising of it outside of the organisation so locals can join in to.

if anyone is in or around manchester/cheshire/those sorts of parts and have a diagnose of an ASD/or have a child with it,get in contact here-
[this is a new deviant art page have set up but its good for contact], and will pass onto the right people.

one of the staff took photos of em for the website [edited as do not have permision to show others]-

was signing the letter L for a particular persons name, he is very loud and heard him coming godknows how far away so was signing to SALT.
people think the black thing am wearing is one of those tit binders for FTM transgendered people-its a southpaw deep pressure vest, very calming.

 messing with the sensory bits and pieces.

messing with the sensory bits and pieces-this kalidescope thingy.