Thursday, 8 March 2012

operation communication aid

am now in the earliest stages of applying for funding for a communication aid, using the laptop for TTS is useless because joels JTalk was never updated [dont blame him cause it was a big project] and since vista it hasnt been able to run due to the microsoft whatsit framework.
-and now am using only linux which has even less alternatives,the simplest GUI based TTS available is kmouth but its only basic text to speech,and the other one that use is command line based-espeak but when am sensory overloaded as well struggle to make sense of working it.

anyone who knows em offline knows am in big debt due to someone elses mistake,so will never be able to afford a AAC device.
one of the lads am living with finaly has gone hi tech with his AAC device- today he got his ipad and proloquo-the serious communication software which have been going on about on here since it was still being developed.
had a go of it this morning,awesome stuff but a certain whippet racing SALT had removed most of the stuff including text to speech off it as it is really packed.

its easier to get into and start using compared to AACs from dynavox,was fan of it straight away but its very big and ipads look far to breakable.
his one has got a special rubber casing sort of thing on it and a decent satchel which can protect it further but having completely damaged laptops from mild head bangs before am not a believer in the strength of these things.

and damn proloquo for not releasing the software on PCs to give people a option on their netbooks/laptops,cant see it taking much converting cause macs use the same architecture now.
plus if they really want to help people instead of look like they just want money they shoud offer trial downloads of the program to make sure its suitable for someones needs.
stupid how companies try to make disability software all about getting money for themselves,especialy with AAC/communication software.

lets just say,if em ever manage to access programming better or get help, will be making a open source AAC suite program [multi platform] for free, god help those bastards who rip off disabled people if they ever have kids which speech impairments,or cant read,or understand language...