Sunday, 4 March 2012

busy friday

friday was a very busy day!

sister and orla came around again early,orla loves the place!
whenever she sees anything cat related she will point at it and say 'cat' or versions of 'cat',so as soon as she comes in she is like- '' at all the cat posters/pictures/teddies,then she crawls everywhere.
we had this long conversation the other week at mine,there was a packet of tescos baby wipes in between us-a blue packet with a yellow duck on it,orla kept pointing at it and saying 'duck' or 'ducht',so woud point at it like she was doing and say duck to,this went back and forth for ages until her mother got fed up of hearing nothing but duck for the morning.
orla loves the text to speech program am using though she makes a break for the laptop as soon as she sees it-she likes to bash the keys,probably got that off her daddy when he is losing on COD.

at some point later in the day,had apparently had a seizure,though apparently had been headbanging very badly also that day and knocked self out so dont know if that had anything to do with it,have had some sort of virus coming on for sometime so dont know if that coud also be part of it to,but have not had seizures for some weeks at the least,bit of a set back,in a fair bit of pain from it today.

though did have some good news,had spent morning till night sorting out a laptop for staff who doesnt have the time to learn how to use computers well,jesus it was covered in viruses-he thought that was the reason why it was running slow,it was also because he stored everything on one partition when he had another big partition untouched.
he wanted linux installing to,so installed a beginner friendly one for him-ubuntu with the unity/GNOME desktop environment,and he coudnt believe at all the programs available,like learning how to touch type,sage equivilents,a bible program [he is into that stuff] etc.
he found the off button by himself and knew how to boot ubuntu on the GRUB menu so looks promising.