Thursday, 22 March 2012

life at the moment and gaming

have been quite ill recently with suspected pheumonia; and have come to stay at mums/dads today instead of saturday for some kitteh recovery tiem.

this week had finaly...finaly managed to get assault cube working on the laptop.
it wasnt the games fault or even anything technical,had been downloading the wrong file without realising-the developers SVN [subversion] directory instead of the stable end user version.
nothing wrong with that as woudnt have minded having the latest version,just dont have a fucking clue how to use SVNs.

have realised how difficult it was playing on the laptop as fingers stick to the tracking pad very easy and skew the reliability,going to get a gaming mouse.

heres some shots from playing assault cube on dads pc tonight-

 developers need to design a polygonal jamie oliver to run on the map with every splatter,throw all flesh/bone in a pan with basil and olive oil and yell 'pukka'.

 another splatter job.

sorry am a fan of splatters.

fragged through the corner of the wall-a known glitch and good cheat in assault cube.