Thursday, 29 March 2012

new shoes

due to the care debts and not having any money,have been bought some shoes by dad for sisters wedding.

have wanted these for so long,but never had the money,had originaly seen them upon a visit to robinsons equestrian.
turns out this specific range have been discontinued as well.
luckily found them still in stock in the best ever shop- robinsons of course, dad ordered them on sunday and they came today and was able to go pick them up tonight.

they are mountain horse 'wicked rider' boots,they are designed for both every day wear and riding as well,but as am a stirrupless rider it doesnt matter if am bare footed,have ridden in frigging hunter wellies before no problem.
loved these more for the way they close,it uses those little button clasp things which press together and elastic,and if that isnt enough the laces that come in the box can be used as well.
they are an awesome pair of boots,and am yet to buy a pair of mountain horses that dont fit perfect.