Saturday, 10 July 2010

medication changing

due to being helped to see what am doing to self by not taking ensures,as well as the warnings off paramedics that one day soon will wake up in hospital after a seizure [am extremely hospital phobic for sensory,change,new stuff and history-reasons],have slowly started to take them again [since wendsday?] anyway,today,boots brought the new box of them around and coud not believe it-after having built up some strength with them-was told that the company has changed the bottle,so it was put into an old ensure bottle.
all was well soon enough.
then tasted it,never woud have thought ensure coud taste any worse than it does already [a sick strong yogurt taste that stays after in the same way fish oil capsules do],but they have gone one better.
it tastes fucking disgusting!
puked it back up,showed staff-tried to get them to try it as they thought just did not want to take them again,but they woudnt try it as its classed as medication.

so after the long time have spent not eating anything,or taking ensure-getting the strength to start back on the liquid-and the company changes them?

why do medical companies do this?
am fed up of them changing stuff,it might not mean anything to people not like self,but to self it hits faster than anything and makes all the difference between having them and having some shit symptoms from not having them.

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