Wednesday, 28 July 2010

wendsday again

went to the new riding school today.
slowly starting to get used to everything there,though not ready for riding there yet.

walked around the indoor arena with staff,the riding instructor and ozzy,it was very busy with kids in the joined cafe as its unfortunately the school holidays.
ordered the libra bareback pad today,to use whilst riding ozzy.

am not seizuring badly every day anymore,as the anti bs stopped the illness that had probably been helping to make them worse.

have also just ordered some PECS software,its nearly impossible to get hold of the board maker disc as its shared out between so many people [even though it also needs installing board maker wont work without a disc in,probably anti piracy thing-not like most people who have it are likely to be sticking it on bit torrent any time soon].

also on plans,is some new youtube videos.....
the speech therapist came recently, and mentioned she had seen the old makaton video that had made years ago with support staff-and have been encouraged on to make more,plus some on PECS as well [thanks if are reading this].
so am going to get back into it again,and have got good ideas for the videos.

hopefully very soon,am getting a webcam/CCTV-IP? camera setup in lotties mannor at the farm,so will be able to watch her from anywhere in a non stalker way,it will allow us to see how many boyfriends she has got stealing her food as well.
woud be awesome if we coud have one in all the main animal areas, to see what they get up to when people arent there,as they all go crazy when people arrive.

finally,am hoping to get a specialist bed,as current one is knackered and not safe to use,was told the ones we had been looking at [kinderkeys padded ones] woud use up to much of savings,so we are looking into hopefully getting something like it through OT as that is where all of own wall padding originally came through.

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