Tuesday, 13 July 2010

same old crap

feeling very bad at the moment.
since last week,the paramedics have been called out most days,due to having multiple worsening seizures-they stopped without needing to go to hospital to sort them out which is a huge bonus,but have been told its heading for status epilepticus,unless get meds sorted as soon as possible,and GP wont add on anti epileptic meds,apart from prescribing benzos for emergencies.

paramedics had told staff to phone as soon as the seizure happens, so am unconcious and able to be brought into hospital,as otherwise will refuse to go in,but luckily had come around by the time they got here.
the medics today were very experienced in autistic adults and children,and were probably the most understanding paramedics have ever known.

one of them is dropping off a print out photo of her fluffy cat [like biscuit different colour],and she really understood the issues was having ,but was fucked up to badly react anyway.

they said blood sugar level[?] was low,and temperature was high,and think might have an illness which is what is making seizures worse,so GP is finally coming out-they had to force him.

am not riding tomorow,its the introducing to the new riding school thats going to be happening [slowly],will be first time out since last wendsday mostly because of the seizures,cant wait to get out.

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