Thursday, 15 July 2010

piss,doctors and freecycle

the gp came today,wasnt a great experience,as was starting to get quite out of control from yet another day of new mostly unplanned faces about, luckily had beaten up the table and not the doctor or staff,as woud rather knock self out than harm anyone else.

they tested a piss sample there and then,which didnt show anything [other than it being piss],and at the end of it,they said the signs are deep dental infection which can cause all the symptoms am having, so have been prescribed amoxycilin liquid [that yellowy banana stuff].

nearly made the mistake of drinking the piss as it was in one of the disposeable cups that drink redbull in,and it looks exactly like redbull which had been drinking at the time,no loss if had done,probably woud have been spat all over someone else,needed something to laugh at today.
afterwards was ticcing very badly-the usual,normal stuff.

not been as bad tonight as was last night,but have had the fever and sickness on/off all day,think might have had abscense seizures as well.

was mums birthday this week,and had been thinking about getting her something off freecycle,as she will whinge about anything that buy not been good enough,have bought her hugo boss perfume before and she complained about it [though doesnt stop her wearing it].

have been thinking of whether to put up some wanted item posts on freecycle, an old large enough bucket-shes always wanted a downstairs toilet,so nows her chance? might just buy her one from the worst shop possible to give her something real to complain about this time,and cant forget some cheapo sandpaper like toilet roll either,but she already buys that so may just actually buy her sand paper.

she is actually serious about that downstairs toilet,might just dig a hole in the back garden,stick a wendy house over the top [that have gotten from freecycle],and itll be like old times for her [her house,as a child had outside toilets].

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