Wednesday, 14 July 2010

wendsday,yes its a shit title

had a better day today-no full seizures at least,though have got a fever and feel knackered all the time.

this morning had finally gone to start the part-changeover to the new riding school,had had a few meltdowns already ontop of feeling not well so was trying hardest not to show it as otherwise woud not have been allowed out.
did get to go out,but it wasnt mostly a good experience-nothing to do with the riding school,who are very understanding and willing to support in any way,nothing to do with the jasmine cob will be riding most of the time [called ozzy],and nothing to do with support staff it was because was not able to do usual routine which is starbucks afterwards,they said it was to much of a risk to be out for that long with the way the seizures are right now,as soon as got back just went into own shower/toilet room and smashed head off the wall to knock self out-as was going to end up triggered by the building crap in head about it.

have not been out since wendsday last week because of not being well or had a starbucks since then,and have been getting low blood sugar [frapachinos are full of sugar was told once before by a dieting staff] so one of these woud of helped,though might have just been desperate to use that as an excuse anyway.

the horsey visit...
his name is ozzy,he is the friendliest horse? pony? [coudnt work out which but he is a cob] around-he is another jasmine cob,which makes it a lot easier in getting used to him-here is a photo of him,he was wanting to see the stable cat as well,which was what had bent down for:

shannon,the horse was supposed to be riding,is to be used as backup for when ozzy is ill/in use,though woudnt be able to just swap like that so hope it doesnt happen.

besides all of that,have broke part of the laptop again,one of the boys was set off right next to self,which in turn set self off-so must have kicked out from the pain at the nearest thing/laptop.
bloody tracking pad and one of the mouse buttons is knackered again,
is lucky it has lasted this long,through this much damage as well, as was told the hard drive is under the tracking pad so can easily make it not work.
will be getting it fixed as soon as possible,at least its useable,just abit of buggering about to get do it.
for some reason it wont drag down,or to the sides,but will do all the other movement.
the last time it was broken it was that bit that got damaged,these things shoud come with protective cases.

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