Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Chicken meltdowns

A few changes and problems to chickin mannor.
had had an 'incident' the other day in own shower/semi wet room,which led to wrecking of the shower curtain.
It was left outside to be taken away,but had thought of an idea which involved the ladies of the mannor in the garden.
They already have a type of cotton..netting thing spread across the top of the fencing because they jump over it without the netting,but had thought,why not use the shower curtain as extra roofing for them,which has worked-kind of [check pics].

And the problem....there was a meal worm shortage today at the chickin mannor,and the girls were kicking off.
Staff saved the day by cooking their next favourite fud-peas,and they already had a full tube of pellets,plus they wont be going on ensures for being underweight anytime soon [sorry henny,penny and ethel]!.

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