Tuesday, 3 May 2011

first program ever coded [edited]

thought woud never be able to do it,but had slightly changed tactics a bit and have finally made first ever program.

it is basic of course,but had made it more so for practice than for full public release.

Tom Cat Picture Viewer

the tom cat picture viewer was made in VB [visual basic],and being a cat fanatic had not only dedicated it to them but also added a kitteh icon as well.

its a handy little program to have for just viewing pictures if windows explorer ever fucks up like it has done on own laptop before due to some driver issue,so it may be of interest to others- dont know.

its functions are-
  • open and view pictures [obviously].
  • clear the current picture.
  • stretch the picture into a better position.
  • change the GUI background colour to suit the colours of the picture being shown.
  • close the application.

here is a screen shot:
sorry,used paint to save it-coudnt be bothered waiting for GIMP to open on dads pc as am due to go home and dont know when staff are coming.
have changed the background colour to pale blue and opened a icanhascheezburger image with it,for an example.

screenshot of the taskbar logo [probably obvious which one it is]:

virus scan

for the paranoid out there,here is the completely clear virus total scan of the tom cat picture viewer:


the prog can be downloaded from here:

thanks a lot if anyone downloads and tests it!
if anyone who tests it wants their name put in the program in the next version, please email:
rda.rider at gggg mail dott comm.


tom cat PV has .NET framework four dependencies,if are getting a runtime error upon installing this, it just means are using an older .NET framework.
it can be easily updated here:

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