Sunday, 19 February 2012

anti bullying website about to be launched!

am not usualy good at finishing any website project have developed,but this one is very near the end to being launched,and here is a sneak preview screenshot of the top of the website-

IA is a website aimed at adults with developmental and/or learning disabilities who are or have been bullied,and it also is for family/carers/support staff/friends etc of adults with developmental/learning disabilities who are/or have been bullied,as well as supporting the parents/friends etc who may be being bullied along side them.
IA as a forum as well though logo for that is still work in progress.

the reason IA came about,is because of there is no support for bullying against those of us who are easily bullied-in particular learning and developmentaly disabled,the only support for adults is for non disabled people who are bullied in their job.

have been bullied all of life,but most recently have had very long term cyber bullying by a 'bottom feeder' who pretended to be a friend for years,but instead was taking advantage, manipulating,bullying and deliberately using methods which he knew woud trigger issues,and on top of that this ....chap was using pyschological projection to project every behavior and incident he was doing-to em,then whingeing about it on support forums to make it look like he was being stalked and bullied,am not bothered by that in the slightest but feel he shoud not be able to use forums/chat freely let alone live in the community.

his bullying progressed so much that he triggered what became diagnosed pyschosis and severe major depressive disorder-and have neither recovered fully from either.
he was also using the autism and life experiences of mine from this blog else where [as if they were his experiences]-usualy copied and pasted.

family and support staff from past and present autism services have tried to push to get police involved but the rabid paranoia of all people which was left with by him makes em want the police involved one time then not-the next,its a lot of effort involved but he shoudnt be allowed on the net when he is seriously abusing the service as well as seriously taking advantage of vulnerable people.
-a specific support staff who understands a lot about cyber bullying,said what this bully had been doing was called grooming of a vulnerable adult and that especialy  as he is still carrying on...albeit trying to crypticaly hide it he needs sorting out by the police as there coud also be other disabled people being bullied,or even a lot worse.

again,this was one of the reasons behind intensity alliance.