Tuesday, 21 February 2012

head banging with linux-latest adventures of a dodgy install

several weeks [?] ago,had realised how fed up was feeling with the lag and paranoia of windows,had also realised was in ownership of dads USB pen, he wasnt needing it any time soon and he already had all the shit on it backed up elsewhere if his computer in the mean time fucked up under his quite technologicaly uncapable hands.

so,had decided like that to trash everything on the hard drive and use only linux.

it took this:


[Fedora 15 'lovelock' x86_64,live]


a shit load of getting fed up,was having to reinstall it every day after each switch off,as itd boot into the emergency shell and whine about some error.
thought it was because was installing a load of games and programs and one of them may have triggered a update that didnt suit,but it did it even when wasnt installing anything.
-anyway,took till today to try update the entire fedora system- kernel and everything,and it worked.

so am finaly using a single boot system,with not one bit of microsoft to touch it...apart from hotmail.
want to get some new case stickers to stick in place of this windows seven one.

have been downloading all the usual games to,who says to be a gamer it needs windows? screw that shit,there are so many major plus free games on linux there isnt any need to stick to a laggy piece of shit operating system anymore unless are the type of gamer who has a shit ton of disc based games which WINE woud probably struggle with.

heres some screenshots from tonight,playing yofrankie with no shaders or textures-guessing its because am using the awful mesa DRI driver, but it beats the crashes it used to do on ubuntu-


and speaking of another awesome game- assault cube, why the hell has fedora not got this in repositories?
 its the best open source first person shooter around, was playing it all day last weekend at dads, [had to put it in windowed mode to get screenshots,as coud not find the screenshots folder]-