Friday, 24 February 2012


today am twentyeate and to start the day off had a very rare visit at mine from sister and her littlen orla.
orla had a lot of fun with the balloons and playing on the special rocking chair but her mum also let her have some cake and a bit of strawberry and cream shortbred which is very rare for her to allow.

here are some photos taken with the laptop and a disgustingly named program called cheese-

was given very nice chocolate,had gone to starbucks  for another mocha and caramel frapachino with cream and caramel on top and also got a krispy kreme donut that day as a present off fairfields so thanks to everyone who made sure was got them as they were very nice.

this is sunday right now and am still at mums/dads,was given a lot of paper notes-mum said its forty pound from between them both,am very thankful for any money-its very nice of them especialy as they are both pensioners and have paid out a lot for sisters wedding.