Sunday, 26 February 2012

thoughts on visual differences with autism

most people find it hard how to understand how people with autism visualy see things, we clearly have a different way of processing and filtering visual information.

this is a basic description of what it is like for self/em.

everything is built together through slowly merging lines and colour.
humans are shapeless dull masses with no out lines,but things they are wearing or their hair,or if their zip is down are quickly processed>they are bright and strongly outlined; like cell shading almost.

animals are quickly processed and the lines and colours come together quick to make their bright and strongly outlined shapes.

when am sensory overloaded am visualy not able to process well if at all which leaves em in a blind state,when coming out of that state will still struggle for a while to make sense of anything-the lines and colours of shapes will not come together well.

have noticed that with every single autistic have ever lived with,they operate in very similar way to.
it seems to be unconcious selective processing,probably because am not able to filter and process visual information in the same way or to the same level that non autistic people so perhaps this is the autistic brains own way of having a filtering system.