Tuesday, 28 February 2012

a sort of new hobby of mine

used to do it years ago on a gaming PC but have got back into it due to thinking about the games collection have got,am using some emulators to play the games that own,or abandonware.

havent setup the emulators properly yet-dont know how to set the window size bigger and the dreamcast one- lxdream wont even start but am using a SNES one,a saturn one and one for sega megadrive.

am a huge fan of the saturn-mine was so overplayed that the latch on the top loading cd cover broke so it woudnt register as closed and the backup battery on it is long gone.
so had somehow come across the emus on fedoras repositories and thought straight away have got to getc hold of panzer dragoon saga again, one of the best games ever developed.

 so this is a screenshot of it in windowed mode,on panzer dragoon sagas start screen,none of the keys work so need to get some help with configuring that,

its the most expensive saturn game to be found for sale second hand but its well worth it they dont make em like they used to on the sega consoles.